Looking for alternatives to yellow lead chromate for Hot Melt Road Marking and Industrial Paint manufacture?

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A recent EU General Court ruling on 7th March 2019 has effectively stopped the sale of Lead Chromate pigments for the manufacture of road marking and Industrial paints. This is because Lead is a neurotoxin that can harm the nervous system and chromium VI is a carcinogen.

Brenntag UK & Ireland has been offering a full range of alternative Lead Chromate free pigments for over 10 years. To meet the specific performance requirements of different paint manufacturers, it has been very important to offer a full range of technologies.

For Hot Melt Road Marking we can offer the heat resistant and light stable Bricofor Organic Pigments.

For Industrial Paints & Coatings Brenntag has several options to help achieve comparative colour shades and hiding power (opacity). These offerings include starting point formulations utilizing Kenalake opaque organic pigments.

Dry Pigment Powder Preparations (for Hot Melt and Industrial Paint)

Brenntag also offers dry pigment powder preparations based upon organic pigments, inorganic pigments and fillers matched to the customer’s required colour shade and performance standards.

Due to the dry milling process, extra colour strength can be provided by milling the organic pigment components onto the inorganic and filler components,the finished preparation developing more colour strength from the organic pigment. The preparation is non dusting and can be stirred in. No additives are used thus film performance is not affected by surfactants.

Products are available in standard packaging and also in low melt sachets, if required.

Direct matches to lead chromates are offered alongside a full range of RAL and BS Colours. We also offer a bespoke colour matching service with minimum order quantities of just 25kilos.

Contact your local Account Manager to discuss in more detail on enquiry@brenntag.co.uk