Latex Rubber Processing and Applications

Thanks to their considerable heritage in the latex processing industry, Rhein Chemie offer a wide range of chemicals for the key areas of production:


The use of common vulcanisation accelerators can cause the formation of carcinogenic nitrosamines during the process and subsequent storage. Rhein Chemie Vulcanisation range of products, such as the Vulkacit® ZBEC, aids safer production, storage and delivery of goods in their finished form.

Improving aging-resistance

Manufacturers and processors of latex products are constantly looking for ways of increasing the aging resistance of polymers, to prevent the naturally occurring irreversible processes that happen over time. Vulkanox®product range works to prevent the aging of the latex products by acting as an anti-oxidant, allowing for a higher quality and longer lasting finished article.

Zinc reduction

The inclusion of inorganic activators in the latex development process, such as zinc oxide, can have a significant impact on the costs of production. Zinkoxyd® products were developed in order to assist with cost reduction: using a finer particle size that has a much higher surface area can reduce inclusion levels required for the curing process.

Dispersing agents

Dispersing agents are vital components in the production of latex products. Emulvin® from Rhein Chemie benefits the dispersing process by wetting the insoluble powder materials using in latex compounding and brining them into the dispersion. Once successfully dispersed, Emulvin® works to prevent re-aggregation in the latex dispersion.

Did you know

Rhein Chemie secured their first patent for synthetic latex back in 1912.

Rhein Chemie is a global producer of chemicals for the latex processing industry with a vast product range and capabilities to tailor meet requirements of a wide array of applications. Thanks to the dedication of several generations of latex specialists, the company has a longstanding reputation for quality, reliability and innovation, bringing their expertise to the customers through the Brenntag Rubber & Polymers team.

The table below demonstrates many of the products that are available and the key application areas. For more detail and to discuss your requirements further, please get in contact with our Rubbers & Polymers team here.