Formulating disinfectant products: the hero ingredients

The outbreak of Coronavirus is resulting in a significant spike in the market growth rate of disinfectant products. Hand sanitisers are recognised to offer an effective means to kill or decrease a range of germs on the go, applied frequently as required, with no need for rinsing or drying.

This is where chemistry comes to the rescue. A relatively simple formulation, hand sanitisers offer disinfection as well as hydration and care benefits. Our hero ingredients are:

  • Ethanol/ isopropyl alcohol (IPA): recommended at concentration of 60% to 95% for greatest germicidal efficacy for alcohol based formulations
  • Rheology modifiers: thickeners, gelling agents
  • Emollients (eg Glycerine): for a smooth and pleasant sensory feel
  • pH Adjusters

Brenntag offers a wide range of products for any formulating brief. Whether you are looking to develop an alcohol or non-alcohol based sanitiser, we offer ingredients and formulatory advice to help you get your product to market quickly and successfully.

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