Dissolvine® GLDA

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A bio-degradable, economic chelate

Nouryon’s range of Dissolvine® GL (GLDA) products are effective biobased, bio-degradable chelates. With strong chelating powers, they are highly effective in a wide variety of applications and specifically for use in acidic, alkaline and concentrated detergents.

Combining excellent performance with a superior ecological profile, this readily bio-degradable, eco-premium classified chelating agent is a shining example of a sustainable and innovative material that will add value to your products.

Dissolvine® GL, a glutamic acid, diacetic acid and tetra-sodium salt (GLDA-NA4), is a pure product that contains no other weaker chelates as a substitute such as citrates or gluconate. With 100% of the active content being GLDA, Dissolvine® GL ensures maximum chelation power and efficiency.

Dissolvine® GL is produced from the monosodium L-glutamic acid (MSG), a biobased naturally occurring amino acid, ensuring Dissolvine® GL is readily bio-degradable. Coupled with the source material of plant based/sugar waste, Dissolvine® GL is a green alternative.

Nouryon’s Dissolvine® is not manufactured from monochloroacetic acid as it is known to release chloride in the system which can cause pitting and corrosion of stainless steel; this can damage the tanks in which the material is stored, and the Chlorine remains present also in the end-formulated product. For this reason, Nouryon’s manufacturing processes are different to ensure minimal Chlorine presence.

In cleaning formulations and under harsh washing conditions, Dissolvine® GL complexes hard water ions very well and retains its high chelating values at elevated temperatures more than other chelating agents. Dissolvine® GL demonstrates strong stain removing including those from tea, starches, meats and burnt milk staining.

With strong biocidal boosting and preservative boosting powers, fewer biocides and preservatives are needed to achieve similar results.

As part of the Dissolvine® GL range there are 3 grades we offer:

  • Dissolvine® GL-38 – Standard grade, 38% active solids in solution, ideal for I&I applications
  • Dissolvine® GL-47-S – High Purity, NTA free grade with 47% solids in solution, ideal for highly concentrated formulations and Home and Body care applications
  • Dissolvine® GL-PD-S – Spray-dried grade, 82% active solids in solid form

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