Clorious2, Optimum Water Disinfection

Water falling onto a hand in a field

A focus on Horticultural Applications

Part one of our three part series on Clorious2 and the many benefits it brings focuses on its use in Horticulture applications (with Food Processing and Animal Nutrition to follow!).

Do you produce tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers or soft fruits? Do you manage a farm or plant nursery? Then this is for you.

The quality of water affects all of life around us. Yet water can form a major pathway for the proliferation of diseases if not managed effectively, despite water being a controllable ingredient and processing aid. The importance of the quality of water for all applications can not be underestimated.

This is where Clorious2, a safe, simple, pure and easy to apply Chlorine Dioxide can add great benefits to your system.

Clorious2 is the ultimate chlorine dioxide delivery system:

  • High efficiency
  • No acidification of chlorination
  • No flavour taint
  • Safe to use and easy to apply
  • No on site chemical mixing
  • Complete ready to use solution

Biofilm is a large menace to water management systems. It can have significant detrimental effect, including loss in product, reduced yield, added chemical cost for disease treatment and the cost of added labour. Treating the water without targeting the biofilm could result in continued disease problems from waterborne pathogens.

Again, Clorious2 is our effective solution! Safe, simple and pure, helps prevent disease, reduce bacterial growth and more importantly help to increase yield. To apply, simply dose Clorious2 at the recommended trace concentration to the irrigation system.

Brenntag Horticulture can offer advice and support on water disinfection and the management of microbial issues, so get in touch today with our Business Development Manager, to find out more about the support we can provide and Clorious2.