Ceramic Bead Blasting

Brenntag’s Metal Surface Treatment provides industry leading ceramic blasting beads for superior mechanical surface preparation, achieving high wear resistance for improved service life and reduced process costs.

Mechanical surface preparation is ideally suited to many metal treatment needs which include cleaning welding rims and removing oxides, deburring and hiding surface defects, producing smooth and aesthetical finishes.

Ceramic blasting beads offered by Brenntag represent the latest advance in abrasive media, with high impact strength versus glass beads and steel shoot. Their consistent shape, high wear resistance and recyclability ensure optimised production which can deliver overall process cost savings. Extremely versatile, they can be used in wet or dry air-blast and wheel-blast systems.

The range of high performance ceramic bead blasting products is well suited to a number of industry applications:

BEAD BLASTING – ceramic beads for shot blasting.

Surface engineering applications:

  • Tool cleaning
  • Descaling and deburring
  • Stainless steel and light metals finishing
  • Paint or coating stripping

SHOT PEENING – high grade ceramic beads for improved performance properties.

Surface engineering applications:

  • Shot peening
  • Peen forming
  • Peen straightening

FINISHING BEADS – aesthetical finishing of satinised and smooth surfaces.

Surface engineering applications:

  • Smooth and aesthetical finishing
  • Surface etching
  • Deburring
  • Glass frosting
  • Fine engraving

For more information or to discuss your specific requirements contact our Business Development Manager Mr Paul C Wynn on 07939 282 426, paul.wynn@brenntag.co.uk