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Focus on solvent free, solvates and water based applications.

Working closely with Hexion we can offer a full range of epoxy products, curing agents and reactive diluents for solvent free, solvated and water based applications.

Products of particular note are:

EPI REZ System 4230-W-60 is one pack, waterborne Epoxy-Phenolic Novolac co-dispersion which does not contain any co-solvents and provides superior performance for baked industrial coatings, which require high chemical and thermal resistance, superior adhesion, film flexibility, toughness and high Tg. Application areas include industrial coatings, abrasives and industrial fabric finishes that require chemical, solvent and/or thermal resistance.

EPI REZ Resin 7732-W-53 is designed for formulation ultra low or zero VOC water borne coatings to protect concrete or metal. The system offers superior adhesion, excellent corrosion and humidity resistance, fast drying and quick hardness development at low temperatures. Application areas include concrete floor primers and top coats, anti corrosive primers for industrial coatings, Agricultural and Construction Equipment (ACE) coatings and Auto Parts and Accessories (APA) coatings.

Brenntag is once again exhibiting at Surfex2020!

But you dont have to wait until 2020. We offer an extensive range of speciality chemicals for applications such as decorative and industrial paints, adhesives, composites and resin and powder coatings. Our in house team of technical experts provide full technical support to our customers and have the backing of world-class manufacturers for coatings materials and construction chemicals, including Hexion, Dow, SI Group, Rhein Chemie, Zeochem, Delamine, Lapinus, Nynas, Specialty Minerals, Saint-Gobain and Brenntag Colours.

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