Brenntag Blending Solutions: new state of the art facility at Lutterworth

With blending operating in nine facilities across the UK and Ireland, and each providing a particular specialism, Brenntag UK & Ireland is able to offer products to customers in a wide range of sizes from 28 tonne bulk tankers loads right down to five litre packs.

The Lutterworth facility is the latest facility further expanding the extensive network of Brenntag blending facilities. Russel Argo, President of Brenntag UK & Ireland, said: "The evolution of our blending business has been in the more traditionally industrial bases in the north of England and the North of the UK so the location of the site in Lutterworth, which is right in the middle of England, gives us a really strong base from which to grow our business throughout the midlands and further into the South." The Lutterworth facility has larger tanks than many of Brenntag’s other facilities, gives better batch control and batch quality control in particular to give a much finer and finished product for the customers. It also allows to make new blends thus adding new products into Brenntag portfolio.

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