Brenntag at H3I 2019: 14-15th May

Close-Up Of Person Cleaning Window

With guest speaker from Nouryon

Whether a comprehensive portfolio of industrial and specialty products and blends that are safe and effective, or an extensive technical, regulatory and formulation support – we have the know-how to help you develop your business.

Brenntag Cleaning team offer product development guidance and advice on matters of REACh and BPR and the latest trends in the key I&I and Household applications, including automobiles, hard surfaces, dishwashing aids, industrial appliances or wooden floors.

Our people have the expertise to keep you up to speed on new innovations. The Brenntag I&I and Household Cleaning team will showcase the latest formulations for all the key industry applications (with special focus on car care amongst other applications).

We offer a comprehensive range of chemical ingredients including green chemistry and RSPO certified. Talk to us about Amphoteric, Anionic, Cationic, Non-ionic and Silicone Surfactants, Enzymes, Chelates and Biocides- see an overview of our portfolio here.

Brenntag are delighted to welcome Jan Seetz, Technical Market Development Manager, Nouryon, who will be presenting at H3I on formulating with Chelates: What the Chelates GLDA and MGDA Can Do for Your Cleaners

Time: 11:50 am - 12:10 pm

Date: Tuesday 14 May

Speaker: Jan Seetz, Technical Market Development Manager, Nouryon

Synopsis: The traditional chelating agents like phosphates, NTA, EDTA and DTPA have their environmental and/or toxicological disadvantages. The modern strong chelates like GLDA and MGDA are environmentally benign, not labelled as dangerous and sufficiently strong to boost the cleaning action. They soften the water and they protect anionic surfactants against inactivation and precipitation. GLDA and MGDA can be combined with enzymes and will boost the performance of biocidals and preservatives, so more ‘soft’ anti-microbials in lower concentrations can be used. These modern chelates can replace NTA in industrial and institutional cleaning, and can replace phosphates in household detergents. Furthermore they outperform citrates with respect to water softening, descaling and dirt removal. Examples of their good use will be given.

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