Brenntag Animal Nutrition at the Poultry Conference 2019

Young Black Copper Marans female hen eating wheat grains from a mans hand

Following the successful Northern Poultry Conference in February 2019 at Oulton Hall, the Brenntag UK & Ireland Animal Nutrition team is once again supporting the industry by heading to Daventry Court Hotel on September 17th, to discuss Animal Nutrition and Drinking Water developments.

Amy Burgess, Business Manager, says: "We had a fantastic day at the Northern Poultry Conference, and are really looking forward to the Southern gathering to network with some of the largest poultry growers in the country, learn about the latest developments and present our own successes since the last Conference”.

The team will showcase Clorious2 and Neubacid, the optimum product combination for animal drinking water. The importance of clean drinking water in poultry farming and the vital role it plays in bird health, disease control and animal wellbeing is widely recognised and is a hot topic on the industry agenda. Modern farming bird populations cause biofilms to form rapidly, and as such will contaminate all drinker lines on a farm. Control of bacteria in the drinking water supply is therefore essential.

Brenntag Clorious2 and Neubacid SM products play a key role in the key aspects including:

  • Reduced bird mortality
  • Improved feed conversion rate
  • Improved productivity
  • Elimination of Campylobacter and other water borne pathogens
  • 100% effective control of biofilm that harbour bacteria, toxins and disease.

Amy says: “I am excited to be able to offer a solution with such high accreditation credentials: Brenntag Clorious2 is a BPR (PT5), DWI Defra and BRC-approved biocide, and Neubacid SM is a Feed Materials Assurance Scheme (FEMAS) approved organic acid feed additive.”

For more information on poultry nutrition and drinking water solutions please contact our Animal Nutrition team on