Animal Nutrition and Clorious2

Young Black Copper Marans female hen eating wheat grains from a mans hand

A focus on optimal water disinfection in Animal Nutrition applications

Part two of our three part series on Clorious2 and the many benefits it brings focuses on its use in Animal Nutrition applications. You can read and hear more about part 1 (Horticulture) here, with part 3 to follow.

Water is one of the most crucial nutrients to livestock considering clean and disinfected water is one of the key ingredients for animal health, development and wellbeing.

This is where Clorious2, a safe, simple, pure and easy to apply Chlorine Dioxide can add great benefits to your system, for instance:

  • Kills bacteria and toxins
  • Operates effectively across a wide range of the pH spectrum
  • Does not produce chlorinate products

Clorious2 has great synergies with NEUBACID, our range of organic acids. Bacteria, mould and yeast are present in every feedstuff and can cause disease. One example is the extremely toxic mycotoxins which are metabolites from the growth of mould; the synergistic mixture of anti-fungal compounds and acids inhibits the growth of mould, yeast and bacteria efficiently.

With NEUBACID Brenntag offers a product range of acid-mixtures with different properties and various application areas such as drinking water, grain preservation, compound feed and feed raw material. The synergistic benefits of Clorious2 and NEUBACID include;

  • Synergistic combination of organic acids and stable chlorine dioxide
  • Inhibits the microbial growth in drinking water
  • Removes the biofilm
  • Effective over a wide pH range
  • Tested synergistic effects
  • Positive impact on zootechnical performances
  • Safe and easy to use

Brenntag Animal Nutrition can offer advice and support on water disinfection and the management of microbial issues, so get in touch today with our Animal Nutrition Team, to find out more about the support we can provide and Clorious2.