Cyclohexylamine is an organic compound, belonging to the aliphatic amine class. It is a colorless liquid, although, like many amines, samples are often colored due to contaminants. It has a fishy odor and is miscible with water. Like other amines, it is a weak base, compared to strong bases such as NaOH, but it is a stronger base than its aromatic analog, aniline. It is a useful intermediate in the production of many other organic compounds (e.g cyclamate).


Melting Point-17 °C
Boiling Point134 °C
Density0.867 g/mL at 25 °C

Uses and Applications

Key applications

  • Solvents


  • Pharma
  • Food

Synonyms: Cyclohexanamine I Cyclohexylamine

Chemical Formula: C6H13N

CAS Number: 108-91-8