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Brenntag's new product line

We supply you with safe and sustainable raw materials for cosmetic application, we offer a selected range of high-quality raw materials for tailor-made recipes and concepts, one source and various applications - high quality in documentation and delivery

Raw materials for cosmetic application


Brenntag´s own range of high-quality waxes has been tested and approved be our applications team. Our waxes can be used to modify the skin feel and improve the performance of your cosmetic formulations. Our high melting point waxes are used as thickening agents and can improve the wear properties of formulations whereas the low melting point waxes are mostly used to modify the skin feel without having much effect on the viscosity.

Further functions of waxes include SPF-boosting, film forming, improved transfer resistance, prevention of mold cracking, improved water resistance, stabilizing and to prevent “sweating” of lipsticks.


Brenntag´s own range of alkyl polyglucosides are made from natural fatty acids and glucose derived from renewable plants. Being very mild and readily biodegrabable, they are ideal surfactants for modern cosmetic formulations. APG´s have low surface tension and strong detergency. They are very compatible with electrolytes and other surfactants and can improve the mildness of formulations when combined with standard surfactants (e.g. sodium laureth sulfate).

They can be used as main surfactants or co-surfactants. Our CosVivet APG´s have solubilizing, emulsifiying and thickening properties and create rich and stable foam in rinse off formulations.

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