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Excellent product offerings, pharmaceutical industry expertise and outstanding service: We’re your ideal business partner in the pharma industry

Your trusted advisor

As your trusted advisor in the pharmaceutical industry, our highly experienced team of experts offers technical support and outstanding Pharma know-how.

We provide you with flexible, tailor-made solutions and services, as well as safe and effective active ingredients and raw materials for the production of pharmaceutical products.

Your challenges are our challenges. We leverage our extensive network to find perfect solutions and ensure a secure supply chain. This drives us to continuously expand our partnerships, broaden our product portfolio and deliver exceptional service.

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Pharma Lab Brenntag Hamburg, Germany

Premium ingredients for the pharmaceutical industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, trust and expertise are paramount. That’s why we’re your reliable partner, with a team of industry experts who are committed to excellence and efficiency at every step.

We offer trustworthy regulatory support, helping pharmaceuticals producers navigate stringent documentation and regulatory compliance requirements.

Streamlining vendor management is one of our specialties. Through our multi-source strategy, a global network and a full portfolio range of products, we simplify the process, ensuring security of supply and efficiency for you. We add value through Safety Stock Management, providing you with peace of mind. Additionally, we offer innovative solutions to reduce costs and secure future opportunities.

Fully traceable chemicals for regulated synthesis are an essential aspect of our Pharma business. We follow standardized protocols, quality control measures and safety guidelines to maintain product efficacy, purity and safety at all times.

The value and expertise we bring to you

  • active development and support of specialty Pharma ingredients
  • agile responses and follow-ups from our regional teams
  • commercial experts with committed product fulfillment
  • easy and extensive documentation support on Brenntag Connect, our e-commerce platform
  • global sourcing for special needs
  • inventory management and consignment storages
  • management of Supplier Evaluation Questionnaires (SEQ)

  • multichannel service with a global strategic approach and collaborative spirit
  • raw materials with clear traceability for regulated synthesis
  • regulatory service (e.g. partnership with Qualifyze)
  • servicing with Quality Assurance Agreement (QAA)
  • set up of Self-Assessment Questionnaires (SAQ)
  • supply chain management with GDP Warehouses
  • track and trace of your delivery
  • trend and market insights with our dedicated Pharma Insights team
  • value-added services, such as our custom blending facility according to Pharma Standards

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Benefit from our value-added services and solutions

  • supply chain and warehousing capabilities
  • custom-blending facility
  • packaging and refilling
  • customized solutions
  • analytical services
  • quality assurance and regulatory expertise
  • market-intelligence data
  • new formulations
  • R&D around finished dosage form
  • GDP solutions in the region

Discover Brenntag’s Pharma Innovation & Application Center

Our first Pharma R&D facility is an exciting first for us. It’s also the newest member of our global network of 84 Innovation & Application Centers

Our market segments in the Pharma sector

Animal Health
API manufacturer
Nutritional health
Pharma Lab
Our quality products and outstanding customer service set the industry standard, ensuring that your needs are always met with the utmost care.

Our selected ingredient highlights for the manufacture of pharmaceutical products

  • acidulants
  • binders
  • botanicals
  • color (natural and synthetic)
  • humectants
  • increased API offerings
  • phosphates

  • surfactants
  • sweeteners
  • tableting excipients
  • tablet-coating system
  • Titanium Dioxide
  • vitamins
  • wide array of solvent/carriers for synthesis

Discover our sample service

Simplified and fast-tracked service for our samples
Selection of products centrally stored
Easy track and trace
Accessible for pan-Europe

Your challenges are our challenges. We leverage our extensive network to find the perfect solutions

Our range of products and services for the Pharma industry

  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)
  • biocides
  • customized contract refilling services, according to GMP and IPEC GMP guidelines
  • customized dilutions of acids and alkalis according to pharma standards
  • customized saline solutions according to pharma standards
  • excipients for solid, semi-solid and liquid applications

  • functional nutritionals and extracts
  • intermediates
  • raw materials for active ingredient synthesis and intermediates production in chemical and biopharmaceutical processes
  • raw materials for medicinal products in oral, dermal and parenteral use
  • solvents
  • supplements

Industry classification for Pharma

Basic requirements for medical products:

  • finished drugs (liquid, semisolid, solid)
  • APIs and excipients

Basic requirements for substances used as starting materials:

  • synthesis of APIs and intermediates
  • chemical process
  • small molecules, biopharmaceutical process
  • big molecules, extraction and purification
  • base chemicals, green alternatives and added value for nutritional health, medical devices and in-vitro diagnostics

News and insights

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Towards a sustainable future

Join us on our journey to a sustainable future as we strive to become the industry leader in the responsible distribution of sustainable chemicals and ingredients. We are proud of our Platinum status in the EcoVadis sustainability assessment, placing us in the top 1% across all industries assessed for sustainability performance.

We’re optimizing our customer deliveries to reduce our carbon footprint. We pursue concrete sustainable goals and are highly committed to sustainable solutions in our own sector and in the industries we supply. We seek out green alternatives where possible, including INOFEA.

Safety at lab
Our commitment to safety

Pure, stable and effective ingredients are essential to ensure the safety and effectiveness of your products. Safety is at the forefront of everything we do. We continue to ensure that you receive top-quality products that exceed the latest safety standards and regulations.

We’re proud of our rigorous approach to supply-chain management working closely with our trusted supply partners to guarantee safety and reliability at every stage of the process.

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