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Service Excellence

Service excellence

Customers first

We continue to deliver outstanding experiences for our customers by gathering feedback from them. For example, we ask them to rate their experiences with us across areas such as requesting product quotes or delivering and invoicing shipments.

We hold these surveys continuously throughout each year, using the valuable input we receive to help us improve. Our focus is on moving the needle to achieve ‘best-in-class’ service for all stops along the customer journey.

If you participated in a survey in the past or are contacted to participate in one in the future, we sincerely thank you for your time and feedback. Your input is very important to us and each of our customer relationships.

More than 70 % say we're easy to work with

Friendly, competent and fast client service

Customized customer solutions

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Brenntag honored as 2023 Supplier of the Year

Brenntag was recently named a 2023 Supplier of the Year by global specialty chemicals company Nouryon, who honored its top supply chain partners in recognition of our business criticality, growth, reliability and sustainability performance. Along with other notable companies, we were commended for our collaboration and commitment to delivering world-class service and quality across the supply chain.

Want to benefit from our strategic partnerships? Get in touch to discuss what we can do for you.

Your profit from our first class service

“Always service customers on a professional level. Provide each customer with full access to suppliers, technical support, and attention to detail provided by our customer service groups.”

Don Kelley, Corporate Account Executive, Brenntag Specialties, Inc.

“Answering my phones 24/7 and always putting my customers first. I do not end my day with unheard voicemails or unanswered emails.”

Robbie Bishop, Account Executive, Brenntag Pacific

"Service Excellence is going that extra step (adding a bit of sparkle you might say) to how we interact with others. thinking outside the box, finding a solution rather than forwarding to the next person, giving the customer more than what they asked for. It’s simply smiling while talking and remembering to say thank you! We are all busy, but if we can help make someone’s day a bit easier and provide some sparkle, it can go a long way."

Amanda Lavoe, Account Coordinator, Brenntag Great Lakes

"Service excellence is showing the customer, internal and external, how important they are to you and to the business as a whole. I believe that’s accomplished by developing personal relationships based on trust, empathy, and gratitude. It’s truly not what you do, but how you go about doing it that makes the difference."

Amanda Stevens, Account Executive, Brenntag Southwest

Service Excellence means to create good memories in our customers minds. It means that they remember us. Moreover, Service Excellence means that Brenntag employees feel proud of the company they work for. It mean that they notice that Brenntag cares about them, listen them, recognize them, talk to them with clarity and promote that the culture of honest feedback spreads across the company.

Belen Iglesias, Team Lead Docum. Complaints Regulatory, Brenntag Spain

Ease of doing business. For customers it must be so easy and natural to do business with us. By delivering excellent service, we can exceed customer expectations. This includes all aspects of our customer service, such as making quotations, processing orders, invoicing, sharing information, availability, on-time delivery, training staff, etc. That's why the further development of Brenntag Connect is so important. This digital platform already provides a number of these services. Digital Transformation is essential to make this happen.“

Gert-Wim van der Schee, Sales Manager, Brenntag Netherlands

In the words of our customers

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We listen to our customers

Based on customer feedback, we’ve taken steps to improve the customer experience and achieve our Service Excellence goals. Each of our regional operating companies plays a critical role in setting their own action plans, which lead to the collective success of Service Excellence. Here are some examples of the steps we’ve taken:

  • improved speed of customer quotation process
  • implemented new tools to assure speed of responses (ex. Qlik, Salesforce)
  • enhanced training programs for new employees
  • created new processes to improve ability for rush orders
  • enhanced inside sales and commercial support services programs
  • created cross-functional teams to review and act on customer feedback
  • enhanced customer service communication to customer
  • strengthened partnerships with strategic suppliers and carriers
  • expanded company fleet to include more drivers
  • invested in technology to improve customer delivery communication

Your feedback is very important to us

We value your opinion and encourage you to share your feedback or suggestions for improvement.

Our goal is to continually enhance our service and build great relationships with our customers, optimizing your experience with us. Please let us know how we can improve.