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The compound Xylene may have an exotic-sounding name, but it is a common constituent in solvent for a wide range of industries, including print, rubber, leather, adhesives, and paints. Many products you use or come into contact with throughout the day are likely to have xylene in it or assisted in their creation. If you’re wondering where to buy Xylene in the United States, you’ll be glad to know that Brenntag is your source. At Brenntag North America, we can meet your Xylene needs and provide safe and reliable delivery that suits your business.

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Xylene can be found naturally and can also be created artificially. It has described sweet-like odor and is a colorless, thin liquid. Xylene cannot be dissolved in water and some forms can freeze at 56 degrees Fahrenheit. Vapors from Xylene can cause irritation to the eyes, nose and throat. If there is high concentrations of xylene vapors inhaled, medical attention should be sought since it can cause damage to the nervous system. Xylene is a relativity stable chemical and should be kept away from strong oxidizers due to the risk of small explosions.


Throughout history xylene has been used to prepare tissues for examination under a microscope. Today, xylene is a chemical commonly used in the a thinner within rubber, printing, and leather companies.

The chemical thins the consistency and breaks chemical bonds in inks, varnishes and paints. It can be used in materials, like some paints, to slow the drying process. Xylene is able to sterilize steel and many other substances during and after manufacturing. Pharmaceutical companies sometimes choose to use xylene as well in inhalers to assist in artificial respiration and open up the air ways. The petrol industry also used uses xylene during production and gasoline blending production. The petrol and gasoline industries are the main users of xylene in manufacturing. The cosmetic and beauty production industry uses xylene in the create of some perfumes.

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