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What is Food-Grade Acetic Acid

Acetic acid is the active ingredient in vinegar, a common food product used in such formulations as balsamic vinegar, red wine vinegar and apple cider vinegar. It can be used as a buffer for chemical reactions and solutions. It has a somewhat sour taste and can add character to many foods. It falls under the food additive code E260 as a condiment and an acidity regulator, and it is an approved food additive in many countries, including Canada, the United States and the countries of the European Union.

As a food-grade acetic acid supplier, you may be supplying restaurants, catering companies and even grocery stores. If you are wondering where to buy food-grade acetic acid, look to Brenntag Food & Nutrition, the leading global distributor of ingredients and chemicals, including acetic acid powder, food-grade acetic acid, and acetic acid in other forms like glacial acetic acid.

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What is Glacial Acetic Acid

Glacial acetic acid is simply acetic acid without any water in it. It is 100 percent undiluted acid. This means it is highly corrosive and should not be consumed unaltered. However, when glacial acetic acid is diluted, it can have medicinal properties, and when it’s diluted enough, it can be a food ingredient.

In fact, this product may be called kosher active acid or kosher glacial acetic acid, because glacial acetic acid is considered kosher even for Passover. If the people your industry serves are wondering where to buy kosher active acid, they are looking for a form of glacial acetic acid.

Are you a glacial acetic acid supplier in the United States? Is there demand in your community for a kosher glacial acetic acid supplier? If you are planning to add glacial acetic acid supplier to your company’s services, Brenntag can help.

Where to Buy Glacial Acetic Acid

A strong distributor relationship is the key to a successful supply business. To learn more about obtaining food-grade acetic acid or other chemicals or ingredients to supply your business, contact Brenntag North America today.

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Brenntag North America is where to get food-grade acetic acid in the United States, as well as most, if not all, the other ingredients and chemicals you may use in your industry. Brenntag has a portfolio of over 10,000 products and a global network spanning 530 locations and 74 countries.

For those who have been wondering where to get food-grade acetic acid or other food-grade ingredients to supply their customers, Brenntag is the clear answer, a one-stop shop with years of experience and a reputation for distributing quality products and fostering relationships with the best suppliers. With an emphasis on safety, quality, responsible product distribution and respect for partner relationships, Brenntag is the ideal distributor for your needs.

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