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What is ferric sulfate

Ferric sulfate is also called iron(III) sulfate or ferric salts. It is often used to agglomerate and control several forms of industrial waste. It has many different applications and typically appears as either a grayish-white powder or a yellow crystalline solid.

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Ferric Sulfate Properties

The molecular formula for this chemical is Fe2(SO4)3 and its molecular weight is 399.858 g/mol. It is slightly soluble in water, sparingly soluble in alcohol, and has negligible solubility in acetone and ethyl acetate. It is insoluble in sulfuric acid and ammonia. Ferric sulfate is produced on a large scale through the reaction of sulfuric acid, an oxidizing agent such as hydrogen peroxide or nitric acid, and a hot solution of ferrous sulfate. It is corrosive to copper, copper alloys, galvanized steel, and mild steel. Reports of toxicity from ferric sulfate ingestion are rare, giving this chemical a low toxicity rating. Still, keep it away from children in all cases and avoid any form of ingestion.


Ferric sulfate is favored to deal with industrial waste because it can handle several functions. In water and wastewater treatment, it acts as a coagulant, controls odor to minimize hydrogen sulfide release, and aids phosphorous removal. Sludge thickening, water purification, conditioning, and dewatering often involve ferric sulfate. Soil conditioner and mordant in the dyeing process are other common applications. Pigments and pickling baths for steel and aluminum use ferric sulfate as well. When it comes to water treatment, ferric sulfate solutions can perform several crucial functions. Both potable and wastewater clarification requires color removal, phosphate removal, turbidity removal, and heavy metal removal. Sludge conditioning and lime softening applications all use ferric sulfate.

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Ferric sulfate can be extremely hazardous to the environment and efforts should always be made to limit its exposure. Therefore, it is important when you are trying to find out where to buy ferric sulfate to consider which distributor has the expertise and caution to handle it with the precision it requires.

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