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What is ferric chloride

Ferric chloride — otherwise known as flocculant, iron trichloride, or iron(III) chloride — is often found in the form of an aqueous solution that can be anywhere from colorless to light brown in appearance with a faint hydrochloric acid odor. It is a chemical compound consisting of iron and chlorine. Much ferric chloride is recycled from a liquid left behind in the steel-making process. Without ferric chloride, a clear, clean public supply of water of any sort would be difficult to obtain.

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Ferric Chloride Properties

This chemical compound is a hexagonal red by transmitted light and green by reflected light, appearing often as a brownish-black powder. It is noncombustible but acidic and extremely corrosive to almost all metals and tissue. It has a molecular formula of FeCl3 and weight of 162.195 g/mol. Its boiling point is about 316° C. Ferric chloride is extremely poisonous to humans by ingestion, so safe handling and labeling are crucial.


Ferric chloride is a chemical solution that effectively clumps together minute contaminant particles in water solutions. This process makes water purification possible. Large debris is easily filtered out of water, but contaminant particles typically float near the surface. Ferric chloride causes them to clump and sink. Many crucial life processes require clean water and ferric chloride is now a common part of the treatment of industrial water, wastewater, drinking water, and more. Water purification and sewage treatment rely heavily on the efficiency and effectiveness of ferric chloride. Some surprising, uncommon applications for ferric chloride have nothing to do with water treatment. For instance, some American coin collectors use ferric chloride to identify the worn-down dates on Buffalo nickels. Many veterinarians use ferric chloride to treat bleeding animal claws if one has been nicked. Ferric chloride is also used to make printed circuit boards and energy storage systems, among seemingly endless other applications.


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