Ethyl acetate is a colorless liquid with a characteristic sweet smell. The versatility and uses of ethyl acetate span many industries with unique applications. Ethyl acetate is the ester of ethanol and acetic acid; it is manufactured on a large scale for use as a solvent.

  • Synonyms: Acetic Acid Ethyl Ester, ETAC, Ethyl Acetate, Ethyl Acetic Ester, Ethyl Ethanoate
  • INCI: Ethyl Acetate
  • Chemical formula: C4H8O2
  • CAS #: 141-78-6
  • Hazard: • Highly flammable liquid and vapor
    Serious eye damage/eye irritation
    May cause drowsiness or dizziness


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Appearanceclear colorless liquid
Odormild pleasant fruity odor
Solubilitiessoluble in water
Boiling point170.72 °F (77.07 °C)
Freezing point-117 °F (-82.78°C)
Molecular weight88.11 g/mol
Weight per gallon7.55 lb/gal
GradesNF Grade, Technical Grade, Urethane grade, Food Grade


Ethyl Acetate uses include adhesives & cements, extraction solvent, food processing, gravure printing ink, ink solvent, lacquer thinner, lacquers, lithographic ink, metal cleaners, nail polish, nail polish remover, nitrocellulose lacquers, paint solvent, pharmaceuticals, photographic, polish, solvent, urethane coatings.

  • Coatings and Construction: It is used as a solvent in inks and paints and in furniture and heavy equipment coatings.
  • Personal Care: •It is used as a solvent in nail polishes, basecoats and nail polish remover.
    • It is used as a fragrance carrier in the perfume industry.
  • Pharmaceutical: It is used as a solvent to extract ingredient from its source.
  • Food and Nutrition: • Flavoring in food and beverage
    • Hop extract
    • Solvent in decaffeination process for coffee and tea
    • Creates colors and inks for marking vegetables and fruit

Quick Answers

Ethyl acetate is a colorless liquid with a characteristic sweet smell. The versatility and uses of ethyl acetate span many industries with unique applications.

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