Wacker VAE Dispersions

VINNAPAS® and VINNOL® VAE Dispersions are impressive for their excellent quality and are stabilized with colloid and/or surfactant systems. The most common colloid system used is poly(vinyl alcohol), a large water-soluble molecule. It provides wet properties that are not possible with surfactant protection alone. Surfactant–protected systems are much more thixotropic than PVOH-stabilized dispersions and become thinner under high shear conditions.

Vinnapas® Polyvinyl Alcohol Protected Grades
Product CodeViscosity (mPa.s)
EP4600200 - 800
4011300 - 2200
3231300 - 2300
EP14001700 - 2400
3151800 - 2700
4001800 - 2700
400H3100 - 4400
Vinnapas® Polyvinyl Co-Stabilized Grades
Product CodeViscosity (mPa.s)
460200 - 800
EP 6300600 - 1500
EP 70001200 - 2700
920800 - 2000
Vinnapas® Surfactant Stabilized Grades
Product CodeViscosity (mPa.s)
19250 - 400
EF8001150 - 650
EF8300150 - 650
EZ222150 - 800
410250 - 900
EF500300 - 800
EF575200 - 850
EN 1165300 - 800
EN 126750 - 450
EAF 684500 - 9500
Vinnol® Surfactant Protected Grades
(Ethylene / Vinyl Chloride Copolymer Dispersions)
Product CodeViscosity (mPa.s)
453025 - 500
451425 - 150
Vinnol® Surfactant Protected Grades
(Vinyl Acetate / Ethylene / Vinyl Chloride Terpolymer Dispersions)
Product CodeViscosity (mPa.s)
728100 - 500
Wacker Literature 
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