Miscellaneous Additives from Solenis

Solenis manufactures a variety of Miscellaneous Additives such as defoaming and sizing agents, wet and dry strength rosin, rosin soap, flocculating agents, containment control, oil and grease resistance agents and felt cleaning and conditioning agents.

Advantage Defoaming Agents
Product NameDescription
Advantage 357Hydrocarbon Oil Based
Advantage 831Hydrocarbon Oil Based
Advantage 951Hydrocarbon Oil Based
Advantage 1529Nonionic Surfactant
Advantage 2024Processing Aid
Advantage CC1251100% Active / Nonionic
Advantage CC2850100% Active / Nonionic
Advantage CC8060100% Active
Advantage CH1512Hydrocarbon Oil Based
Advantage CH8143Hydrocarbon Oil Based
Advantage CH8310Hydrocarbon Oil Based
Advantage CS9600Silicone Emulsion
Advantage NF2130Water Extended
Advantage NF4962Water Extended Oil Based
Sizing Agents
Product NameDescription
Paracol 1324AParaffin Wax Emulsion
Paracol 1324CParaffin Wax Emulsion
Paracol 1324GParaffin Wax Emulsion
Hercon 100Emulsion of Alkyl Ketene Dimer
Hercon 615Emulsion of Alkyl Ketene Dimer
Ultra-pHaseCationic Dispersed Size
Neuphor 645Anionic Dispersed Size
Dry Strength Rosin
Product NameDescription
Hercobond 1000Cationic
Hercobond 1194Cationic
Hercobond 2000Alkaline and Acid
Hercobond 6363Alkaline and Acid
Hercobond 6950Alkaline and Acid
Wet Strength Rosin
Product NameDescription
Kymene 450Neutral Curing
Kymene 557HWet Strength
Kymene 736Water Soluble
Kymene 913AHigh Efficiency
Kymene 920AHigh Efficiency
Kymene G3 X-CelWater Soluble
Rosin Soap
Product NameDescription
DresinateSodium X Rosin Soap
Dresinate 5254Modified Potassium Rosin Soap Size
Flocculating Agent
Product NameDescription
Delfloc 763Modifiefd PAE
Praestol 2530 TRAnionic / Nonionic
Praestol 2540 TRAnionic / Nonionic
Containment Control
Product NameDescription
Re-New CG8203Organic Acid Salt
Re-New CG 8213Organic Acid Salt
Re-New SC4003Multi Component Non Caustic
Re-New SC7160Blended Caustic Based
Re-New SC7360Chelant Based
Felt Cleaning and Conditioning Agent
Product NameDescription
Presstige FB9115High pH
Presstige FC2375Blend

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