Mica from Southeastern Performance Minerals

The presence of Mica in coatings systems improves suspension, resistance to weathering, surface adhesion, chemical and water resistance. It also reinforces the dried film, reduces shrinkage and blistering and controls chalking. It is used in interior and exterior house paints, in both aqueous and non-aqueous systems, and in surface sealers for pourous surfaces. It is also widely used in automotive finishes to achieve a metallic effect.

Muscovite Mica
Wet Ground Imported Mica 
PMica 2520 - 25 micron
PMica 4238 - 46 micron
PMica 5548 - 55 micron
Wet Ground Domestic Mica 
SMica 2020 - 28 micron
SMica 3030 - 38 micron
SMica 4038 - 46 micron
SMica 5045 - 55 micron
SMflake 10090 - 110 micron
SMflake 200160 - 180 Micron
SG 90-16511 - 15 Micron (Narrow PSD)
SMM 1255 - 7 micron
Wet Ground and Micronized Mica 
CD 22007 micron
CD 320010 micron
CD 32540 - 50 micron
OPTIbrite6.8 micron
OPTIfine6.0 micron
Dry Ground Mica 
SG 7050 micron
SG 9011 micron
OPTIsheen C40 micron
DC 1010 - 15 micron
NHA 6020 mesh
NC DG-6057 - 63 mmicron
FFNC-5855 - 60 micron
Dry Ground Coarse Flake Mica 
UMF-4040 mesh
UMF-200200 mesh
CALflake B2020 mesh (Calcined)
NCflake S2020 mesh

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