Hexion Specialty Resins

Hexion Specialty Resins consist of aliphatic and cycloaliphatic, CTBN (elastomeric) modified resins, epoxy acrylate resins and silicone modified (polysiloxane) resins.

Aliphatic Epoxy Resins
Product Name / CodeDescription
Epikote 877A low viscosity aliphatic epoxy resin, developed to impart improved flexibility.
Epon LY 1810Lower yellowing epoxy system.
Cycloaliphatic Epoxy Resins
Product Name / CodeDescription
Eponex 1510A low viscosity resin modified to provide easy handling, superior compatibility and adhesion.
CTBN (Elastomeric) Modified Resins
Product Name / CodeDescription
Epon 58005CTBN modified BPA epoxy for use in higher performance adhesives for peel strength, thermal shock, toughness and fatigue.
Epon 58006CTBN modified BPA epoxy. Lower acrylonitrile than EPON 58005. For flexibility and fatigue resistance in adhesives.
Epon 58034Lower viscosity, CTBN-modified, epoxy functional adduct that provides high toughness when used as a modifier for adhesives or sealants.
Epon 58901CTBN modified BPA epoxy. Flexibility and tack for early green strength and flow control for adhesives and sealants.
Epoxy Acrylate Resins
Product Name / CodeDescription
Epon 8021Very low viscosity, high reactivity epoxy resin offers superior wetting characteristics and rapid reaction rates with aliphatic amines over a broad temperature range.
Epon 8111Lower viscosity, modified resin displaying exceptionally fast reaction rates with aliphatic amine curing agents over a broad temperature range - even down to 0 °C. Uses include lower temperature cure.
Epon 8161Lower viscosity, modified epoxy resin with performance comparable to EPON Resin 828. Applications include flooring and containment systems.
Silicone Modified (Polysiloxane) Resins
Product Name / CodeDescription
Eposil 5550A siloxane modified hybrid epoxy resin designed for protective topcoats.

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