Curing Agents from BASF

BASF Curing Agents all have properties influencing pot life, curing time, viscosity, and handling characteristics.

The curing agents sold under the Baxxodur® trademark, such as polyether amines, aliphatic and cycloaliphatic amines, differ in molecular structure, basicity, and in the type and number of their functional groups. This allows to control the curing reactions and the properties of the cured thermosets.

Product NameViscosity (mPas at 23OC)
Baxxodur® EC 3019 - 10
Baxxodur® EC 13013
Baxxodur® EC 30225 - 26
Baxxodur® EC 310102 - 103
Baxxodur® EC 303273 - 274
Baxxodur® EC 311about 110
Cycloaliphatic Amine
Product NameViscosity (mPas at 23OC)
Baxxodur® EC 2108
Baxxodur® EC 201 (IPDA)19 - 20
Baxxodur® EC 331 (DMDC)about 110
Baxxodur® PC 136 (MIPDA)Chain Extender
Product Name 
Baxxodur® EC 110 (DPTA) 
Other Products
Product NameType
Baxxodur® EC 210 (MCDA)Methyldiaminocyclohexane
Baxxodur® EC 130 (TTD)Trioxatridecane
BASF Literature 
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