Did you know Brenntag Specialties, LLC is a legal entity of Brenntag North America, a top chemical and ingredient solutions provider in the United States?

Brenntag is perfectly positioned to be your one-source distributor of specialty chemicals. Our extensive product portfolio consists of more than 10,000 chemicals and ingredients for companies in a wide variety of industries. Choose from all the popular categories ranging from specialty pigments for Ceramics to epoxy resins in Coatings & Construction. Use our Product Finder to search for and obtain detailed information on all our raw materials.

Brenntag Specialties offers a broad product portfolio produced by the world's leading specialty manufacturers, and is an offering second to none. Our Sales and Marketing teams are supported by 5 regional customer service centers, 25 warehouses across the United States and Canada, technical service, regulatory and analytical laboratories.

Our customers will receive the highest quality and service, which meets and exceeds their expectations. Brenntag Specialties services the following industries:

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Specialty Chemicals for Numerous Applications

Our diversified product line allows us to offer specialty chemicals and ingredients for a broad assortment of applications. Whether you need additives to improve the quality of your food products, solvents for dissolving substances, ingredients to promote plant growth and nutrition, or other raw materials for hundreds of additional uses, we either carry or can source the right product for your needs.

We Strive to Become Valued Supply Partners

Unlike some other chemical suppliers. Brenntag works hard to form enduring partnerships with our customers. We've teamed with the top providers around the world to ensure we can offer the best solutions to every buyer. With more than 190 global distribution locations, we can deliver your specialty chemicals and ingredients quickly and efficiently.

Our Specialty Capabilities and Services

We support our product portfolio with a variety of capabilities and value-added services to enable us to deliver maximum value to every customer. Examples include:

Our capacity for combining different raw materials means we can develop custom ingredient solutions to solve each customer's unique problem.

As a valued Brenntag customer, you will have access to Brenntag Connect, our advanced e-commerce platform. Use our solution to search for products and get up-to-date pricing, place orders, track shipments, and view and download documents such as invoices and safety data sheets.

Trust us to deliver informed formulation advice that will make a significant difference in the quality of your specialty chemicals and your end products.

At Brenntag, we take our responsibility of serving as the link between the manufacturers of chemical products and the companies that use them seriously. We work hard to develop forward-thinking supply chain processes that benefit all parties.

This inventory management strategy ensures faster order fulfillment and prompt delivery to your facility.

Our goal is to be the safest chemical distributor on the planet. We have developed and implemented a global health, safety, and environmental strategy that encompasses product safety and sustainability. We choose to partner with manufacturers who adhere to the same exceedingly high standards.

We can repackage orders to meet your unique requirements in areas such as labeling, cartoning, bagging, shipping, and more.

With our extensive knowledge of our customers' industries and applications, as well as our in-house technical capabilities, we can offer full technical support for every customer.

Our SPECIALTY Locations across North America

Brenntag Specialties sales and marketing teams are supported by 5 regional customer service centers, 25 warehouses across the United States and Canada, technical service, regulatory and applications and analytical laboratories. Our customers receive the highest quality product and service, which not only meet but exceed their expectations.

New England territory in the United States

New England Region

Branch Office
316 New Boston Street
Woburn, MA 01801

Phone: (781) 935-8910
Fax: (718) 933-4417

New England territory in the United States

midwest Region

Branch Office
24012 W. Renwick Road
Suite 200
Plainfield, IL 60544

Phone: (800) 833-8140
Fax: (800) 833-8141

map of the northeast region of USA

Northeast Region

Material Sciences Group Branch Office
5700 Tacony Street
Philadelphia, PA 19135

Phone: (800) 423-7423
Fax: (800) 864-9824

Life Sciences Group Branch Office
1 Cragwood Road
Suite 302
South Plainfield, NJ 07080

Phone: (800) 732-0562
Fax: (800) 543-1484

map of the southwest region of USA

Southwest Region

Branch Office
5300 Memorial Drive
Suite 1040
Houston, TX 77007

Phone: (800) 627-2436
Fax: (877) 796-7257

map of the southeast region of USA

Southeast Region

Branch Office
6525 The Corners Parkway
Suite 208
Norcross, GA 30092

Phone: (800) 833-8142
Fax: (800) 833-8143

map of the western region of USA

Western Region

Branch Office
5300 Memorial Drive
Suite 1040
Houston, TX 77007

Phone: (800) 227-1345
Fax: (951) 280-9326