Material Safety Data Sheets

Bright Yellow Hardhats - closeup

Brenntag sends the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) to the customer together with the first shipment of the product. Should information in the MSDS change, every customer who has purchased the product during the last 12 months receives the new version automatically.

If you are a customer, you can register in our database. You will only need to provide your customer’s code, which can be found in any of our delivery notes, and fill ina simple form. The activation of your account can take up to two working days and will allow an easy and quick access to the latest versions of the MSDS.

You also receive a material safety data sheet when you first buy our products and in the event of subsequent safety-relevant modifications provided you bought the product from us during the last 12 months. As soon as the CLP classification is included in our safety data sheets, you will receive the updated version automatically.

If you are unable to download the material safety data sheets you want, we would ask you to contact the salesperson at our company responsible for you.