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An implementative solution of Grupa Azoty, offering the highest quality, environmentally friendly AdBlue® solution

Highest quality AdBlue guaranteed

In the era of growing environmental impact awareness, which is reflected in increasing restriction standards regarding exhaust purity or emissions of harmful oxides to the atmosphere, it is necessary to use the latest solutions to meet the challenge that the future holds. One of these modern solutions are the systems for catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxides installed in e.g. combustion engine cars. NOXy® was created especially for them - an implementative solution of Grupa Azoty, offering the highest quality, environmentally friendly AdBlue® solution.

Full compliance with standards

Bearing in mind the air quality and the impact on the natural environment, the European Union have been tightening the standards of permissible exhaust emissions in combustion vehicles for several years. Since 2011, these regulations apply not only to passenger cars and trucks, but also tractors and agricultural machinery, as well as river barges, trains, buses and others. Substances subject to emission limits are nitrogen oxides (NOx), solid particles (PM), hydrocarbon (HC) and carbon oxides (CO).

The current Euro 6 standard assumes an additional reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions by as much as 80% compared to the previous standard. To illustrate the scale of the changes, it is enough to point out that a single truck from the '70s emitted as many harmful substances as 25 trucks meeting the Euro 5 standard.

To meet such stringent standards, selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology has been developed, which uses a 32.5% urea solution known as AdBlue®, thanks to which it is possible to reduce harmful nitrogen oxides to non-toxic compounds.

NOXy® offered by Brenntag Polska is such a liquid.

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Authorized distributor of the Azoty Group

Thanks to the highest standards applied in our company, confirmed by a numerous certificates, we have received the status of an authorized NOXy® distributor from Grupa Azoty. It is a 100% guarantee that the product we offer is and always will be transported and stored in accordance with the manufacturer's requirements, guaranteeing optimal parameters and durability of NOXy®.

But that's not the end. Our experts offer professional advisory on the use of NOXy® to clean flue gases of harmful nitrogen oxides or how to store them. We will also help you adjust the capacity of the delivered product in terms of costs and storage options.


  • Canisters - 18 liters
  • Barrels - 200 liters
  • Pallet containers (IBCs) - 1000 liters
  • Bulk deliveries (full tank)

For large customers (such as gas stations or shipping companies with their own car fleet) we can also offer free-standing tanks with their own distributor, facilitating operation.

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