Application and development centers

Ingredients for essential oil. Different herbs and bottles

Chemical and ingredient application development

Brenntag offers you application laboratory services of the highest quality for the food, personal care, agriculture, paints and coatings, and construction industries.

We support the processing industry with the objective of quality assurance and offer a significant range of chemical, physical and biological studies. We are the technological partner of your company.

Customers benefit from our wide-ranging product portfolio as well as product knowledge and technical expertise.

Our techno-commercial sales people work with customers in choosing the right chemicals or ingredients for their products, while our technical application specialists develop solutions that are tailor-made for each customer’s unique requirements.

Benefits for our Customers

Innovation of the products and formulas

Starting point formulas of paints and coatings

Technical assessments of your products

Joint projects to improve or optimize your products and new developments

Professional technical service. Our laboratory specialists and chemists will support you in product development and in compliance with your specifications

Confidentiality of intellectual and proprietary material

Expertise supported by applications facilties

Our technical experts test chemicals and ingredients, and develop formulations at our in-house application facilities. Our team knows the right combinations and processing conditions to achieve optimum performance, and are also able to help you achieve cost optimization and flexibility with alternative ingredients or chemicals while maintaining your product’s quality.

Given the close relationship Brenntag has with its suppliers, our team receives proper training to keep up with the latest innovations and trends. Customers also enjoy access to our know-how and experience during the technical training or workshops that we regularly organize in different countries.

Individual Solutions

Do you have a specific request?

We are happy to help you creating winning products for your target markets.

Get in touch with our industry experts to discuss what Brenntag can do for your business.