Tri Sodium Phosphate

Trisodium phosphate is a sodium phosphate. Trisodium phosphate (TSP) is the inorganic compound with the chemical formula Na3PO4. It is a white, granular or crystalline solid, highly soluble in water, producing an alkaline solution. TSP is used as a cleaning agent, builder, lubricant, food additive, stain remover, and degreaser. The item of commerce is often partially hydrated and may range from anhydrous Na3PO4 to the dodecahydrate Na3PO4 • 12H2O. Most often found in white powder form, it can also be called trisodium orthophosphate or simply sodium phosphate.

E 339, Phosphoric Acid Trisodium Salt, Sodium Phosphate Tribasic, Trisodium Orthophosphate, Trisodium Phosphate, Trisodium Phosphate Anhydrous TSP, TSP Anhydrous
Chemical Formula
Anhydrous: Na3PO4; Hydrated: Na3PO4nH2O (n = 1/2, 1, 6, 8, (...)
CAS Number


Molar Weight
163.941 g/mol
Melting Point
1583 °C
Boiling Point
100 °C
2.536 g/cm3 (17.5 °C, anhydrous) 1.62 g/cm3 (20 °C, dodecahydrate)
Crystals (large), Powder (dry), White, Pellets

Uses and Applications

Key applications

  • Buffer agent
  • Personal care
  • Cosmetic products


  • Beauty & Personal Care
  • Food & Nutrition