Compliance at Brenntag

Brenntag has always attached great importance to responsible, prudent and sustainable corporate governance. Our top priority is adherence to statutory requirements as well as voluntary internal conduct policies (compliance).

To enable this, management uses various internal control and risk management systems and has established a compliance organization within the company. Every Brenntag employee is personally responsible for complying with all applicable laws, directives, policies and regulations.

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"Each of our employees is personally responsible for avoiding unlawful and unethical behavior and complying with the code of conduct at all times without exception."

- Brenntag Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Brenntag's Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

As a central part of our compliance system, the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics encompasses the fundamental requirements for Brenntag’s overall business activities in fields such as:

Health, safety and the environment

Human rights and working conditions

Relationships with business partners and public institutions

Bribery and corruption

Competition and antitrust law

Avoidance of conflicts of interest Data privacy and information security

People in a meeting

Download here our Code of Business and Ethics

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Complaints form

The Brenntag Compliance contact is available to report possible infringements of laws or policies, affecting companies of the Brenntag Group. This represents an additional facility for alerting the company to evidence of legal infringements.