Brenntag truck driving the highway at Botlek, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Brenntag logistics policy in Baltics

Brenntag invites transport companies to cooperate with rapidly evolving company Brenntag, which is actively developing its sales activities in Baltic countries (Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia) and Belarus.

Company Brenntag (including its subsidiaries) during year 2017 sold about 30,000 thousand tons of chemical materials in Baltic countries and Belarus (excluding production, brought by sea and rail transport from outside of Europe). Most of chemicals (about 80%) were purchased from Western and Central European countries. About two-thirds of the above mentioned amount is ADR products, which require ADR transport, e.g., already packed liquid substances not packed liquid materials, solid materials. Not packed chemical materials compose more than 8000 tons in the overall tonnage transported.

Further successfully developing sales and aiming economic effectiveness, Brenntag intends to improve and restructure quantity and quality of the transport companies' services and to announce and conduct a selection of reliable long-term logistics partners for the following transport categories:

  • Transportation of solid chemical raw materials by full trucks (FTL) (EU› Baltic States / Belarus / Russia); Transportation of solid chemical materials by non-ADR transport (FTL) (EU › Baltic States / Belarus / Russia)
  • Transportation of liquid chemical materials by ADR tanks (EU › Baltic States / Belarus / Russia)
  • Transportation of liquid chemical materials by non-ADR road tankers (e. g., liquid food products) (EU › Baltic States / Belarus / Russia)
  • Partial cargo transportation by ADR and non-ADR transport (LTL) (› EU Baltic States / Belarus / Russia)
  • Other special transport (e. g., refrigerators, isotherms)
  • Other logistics services (e. g., customs declaration, repackaging, storing, refilling)

In order to speed up the process of partner selection, please present us the following details about your company:

  • Quantity of own tanks intended for chemical materials and / or food grade raw materials transportation
  • Quantity of trucks intended for transportation of solid materials
  • Your main route directions
  • Recommendations from your client companies that you work with (manufacturers of chemicals, distributors)
  • Main product types that you have experience to transport
  • Your company's financial data. In particular we are interested in trade and transport insurances and related information, as well as the amounts of your current cargo insurance

Speak to a team member

We invite transport companies who are interested in cooperation opportunities with our rapidly expanding companies of Brenntag Group in the Baltic countries, to contact us.