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Welcome to our Innovation and Application Centers

Our innovation and application centers are the place where all our creativity comes to life, through the creation of innovative formulations and concepts for you. Our local teams speak your language, understand your daily challenges, and can support you with agility and speed. They are also part of a worldwide network, sharing best practices, knowledge, and insights among each other and with our business partners.

We create new formulations from a broad portfolio of high-quality ingredients or find the missing component to enhance an existing recipe. We provide you with the best and most creative solutions in the market while keeping an eye on the latest industry trends. We are dedicated to improving nutrition and are constantly looking for healthier options and nutritious formulations that satisfy every appetite. We are your applications partner for all market segments – from dairy to plant-based to beverages, and more.

Brenntag's worldwide network of food innovation and application centers

Our worldwide network of innovation and application centers

How our centers support you

  • Our wide range of capabilities for food applications and functional ingredients include: ·
  • Full formulation development
  • Ingredient selection for functionality
  • Brainstorming and ideation
  • Concept development
  • Prototype development
  • Process design optimization
  • Product recipe optimisation (cost, nutrition, regulatory changes…)
  • Regulatory support

Our innovation and application centers

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The value of our 32 innovation and application centers for you

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