Ingredients for the pet food industry

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Our expertise in both Animal and Human Nutrition has allowed us to develop highly specialized knowledge to benefit our Pet Food customers. We offer tailor-made solutions in terms of nutrition, food safety, palatability, technological aids, sustainability and more.

We use our deep knowledge of market trends to support our customers, whether you’re looking for natural, vegetarian, conventional, organic or budget-friendly options.

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The importance of safety

Protect your high-quality pet food from microbial spoilage and oxidation

There are multiple barriers to achieving safe pet food – the industry relies on a combination of preservation methods. These include the thermal process (which will help control some bacteria and yeast), humectants (which may control the water activity and help reduce the available moisture, such as salt, sugars, glycerin, maltodextrins, etc.), pH control (stabilize or limit the enzyme activity with both organic and inorganic acids) and preservatives (which will help prevent spoilage by bacteria and moulds).

Rancidification can have a negative impact on the nutritional value of food. Antioxidants are also often used as preservatives in foods that contain fats, to delay or prevent the development of rancidity caused by oxidation or by microbial activity.

We offer a complete range of preservatives, acidifiers, humectants and natural and synthetic antioxidants, as well as professional analytical services and consultancy in the field of application and dosing. We also help you choose the right combination of products, adapted to your needs.

Besides an extensive portfolio of single ingredients or additives, we offer Neubacid (our own range of safe and effective acidifiers), and Neubox (tailor-made synthetic and natural antioxidants solutions).

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Nutritional excellence

Every nutrient plays its part in the body of the animal. We know that animals’ nutritional needs vary depending on the species, life stage, lifestyle and health condition.

Specific requirements have not been established for all nutrients. Nevertheless, nutritionists can elevate the levels of some nutrients to provide health benefits in normal or optimized diets. They can also tailor the levels of certain nutrients to help manage clinical conditions in pets.

From organic to inorganic, from macro to micro, we offer the full scope of nutrients: Proteins and amino acids, fats, carbohydrates (starches and fibers), vitamins and minerals.

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Functional solutions

Nutrients must be provided to animals in the right proportions. We understand the hurdles of the industry. Veterinarians and nutritionists juggle to try to optimize the combination of ingredients and nutritional additives, aiming to provide the correct level and balance of nutrients.

Thanks to our Functional Solutions team, who are constantly following market trends and have a broad knowledge of customer expectations and regulations, we’re able to provide tailor-made solutions that have multiple benefits for our customers. When working with our Functional Solutions, pet food manufacturers benefit from advantages in handling, labelling, operations, production and sourcing.

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Focus on palatability

Palatability involves multiple considerations: it takes into consideration the animal and its appetite, the owner or consumer’s perception, the methods of determination and the food attributes. There are so many attributes to a food product, from chemosensory to physico-chemical.

Thanks to our extensive, single ingredient and additive portfolio and our ability to supply tailor-made solutions, we’re ready to meet your needs.

Our hydrocolloids and emulsifiers can help improve attributes like texture and shape; our antioxidants and salts have positive impact in the taste and smell, as do our aromas and flavor enhancers. Our range of sweeteners can also make a positive contribution to multiple attributes, including the moisture and the color, which can be improved with our range of colorants. A pet food will only be nutritious if palatable!

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The digestibility factor

Whether your focus is on the chemical digestion or the microbial digestion of pet food, we can guide you towards the best option for improving the digestibility of your finished products.

In addition to our single ingredients, we’ve developed a range of solutions that can have a positive impact on the digestibility of the pet food.

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