Gender Pay Gap

Gender Pay Gap 2020

We continue to be pleased with our Gender Pay Gap Report. However, we have noticed that this year our gap has slightly increased to 14.07%.

As previously reported, our business, and our overall industry, is heavily male dominated, as we can see from our gender split, with 72% of our workforce being male, meaning on 28% is female.

Our Gender Pay Gap is strongly influenced by the demographic of our Operations teams, with 100% of our Yard Operators and Drivers being male; this accounts for around 43% of our total workforce. Given the nature of the Operations roles, it is very challenging to attract female applicants.

Complexities due to the Coronavirus pandemic and company restructure have impacted on the timings of the 2020 Bonus payments, which we believe have skewed figures slightly.

Ultimately, using the statutory formula, this impacts our Gender Pay Gap, although in our case it is a relatively minor Gender Pay Gap.

We will continue to try and encourage more female applicants to our Operations roles. We can see that 32% of our Job Offers in 2020 were to Female applicants, showing the company is attracting and recruiting female applicants to other areas of the business.

Brenntag UK Ltd continues to be an equal opportunities employer by not discriminating based on gender or any other protected characteristic. We believe in appointing the best candidate for the role based on merit. We would, of course, welcome applications from any gender for any role. We are also confident that female and male colleagues are paid equally for doing the equivalent jobs throughout our business. We Benchmark our salaries for all our roles, and we are confident that we pay based on the margin/banding for each specific Job Role, rather than based on Gender. E.g. similar roles are paid equally throughout the business regardless of Gender.

Brenntag UK Ltd.
Hourly Mean Pay Rate Difference14.07%
Hourly Median Pay Rate Difference-0.08%
Mean Bonus Payment33.49%
Median Bonus Payments Difference9.48%
% Male Receiving Bonus94.26%
% Female Receiving Bonus89.72%
Upper Quartile77.5% Male and 22.5% Female
Upper Middle Quartile64.2% Male and 35.8% Female
Lower Middle Quartile83.8% Male and 16.2% Female
Lower Quartile58% Male and 42% Female