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We create innovative, sustainable, high-performance solutions for CASE & Construction applications

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With our global reach and extensive local presence, we deliver unrivaled services and products safely and efficiently around the world.

As your partner in the CASE (Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants and Elastomers) & Construction industry sectors, you have access to our extensive portfolio of specialty products and can leverage our innovation centers and application expertise.

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A one-stop shop

Our deep market knowledge, technical insights and outstanding regulatory and formulation support allow us to develop customized solutions for your challenges. We offer global connectivity and excellent logistic services, ensuring a great customer experience.

Combined with the highest health and safety standards and a commitment to protecting the environment, we’re your one-stop shop for all CASE & Construction industry sectors.

Brenntag employee checking the test in the coatings and construction application center in Duisburg, Germany

Innovation and knowledge

We’re continuously investing in and expanding our global footprint, with 18 CASE & Construction Innovation & Application Centers worldwide.

These state-of-the-art facilities are staffed by our experienced technical experts, whose wide-ranging formulation expertise supports our customers and suppliers with the development of next-generation products. Our technical teams offer regulatory and formulation support and customize products to meet evolving market trends, increased performance standards and realistic cost targets.

The value we bring to you

Whether you're looking for products for decorative or industrial coatings, adhesives, sealants, elastomers, inks, powder coatings or construction chemicals, we have everything you need. Our CASE & Construction teams work to bring you the best products from leading suppliers, providing access to a comprehensive selection of specialty products. Our outstanding services add value and support you at every step – your satisfaction is always our top priority. Discover more about our offering:

  • advice on safer and more sustainable products
  • advice on replacing substances of very high concern (SVHC)
  • guideline formulations and supporting samples
  • full regulatory and legislative guidance
  • product performance testing
  • benchmarking and comparison studies of raw materials and finished products
  • expertise in pigments and dyes

  • application support in modifying bitumen/asphalt
  • Brenntag Connect, our e-commerce platform, for online access to re-ordering, track and trace, regulatory documentation and more
  • mixing, blending, packaging, testing expertise
  • sole distributorship of industry leading manufacturers
  • lab data and starting point formulations for special projects

Product highlights

Our technical sales team is at your service to offer product advice and expertise. We’re constantly expanding our product offerings to better serve your needs – here’s an overview of our product range:

  • acrylic resins
  • antioxidants
  • epoxy hardeners
  • epoxy resins
  • hyrdrocarbon resins
  • plasticizers
  • polyurethanes
  • tackifiers
  • waxes

  • acrylic emulsions
  • additives
  • dispersants
  • epoxy resins
  • epoxy curing agents
  • phenolic resins
  • pigments
  • polyurethane systems

  • accelerators
  • acrylic emulsions
  • acrylic resins
  • pigments
  • retarders
  • silicones for masonry
  • super plasticizers
  • water repellants

  • acrylic resins
  • plasticizers
  • polysulphides
  • PU elastomers
  • silicone fluids
  • silicone resins

  • acrylic resins
  • dyes
  • pigments
  • polyvinyl butyrals
  • solvents
  • surfactants

Our expertise goes beyond products. You can count on our highly experienced salesforce, product managers and technical services team for expertise, specialist support and guidance

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Our commitment to safety

Safety is at the core of our culture – we prioritize the highest safety and compliance standards. We continue to ensure that you receive top-quality CASE products that not only meet but exceed the latest safety standards and regulations. We’re proud of our rigorous approach to supply-chain management and work closely with our trusted supply partners to guarantee safety and reliability at every stage of the process.

Our goal is to be the safest chemical distributor worldwide. This commitment extends to the health and safety of our employees, product safety and environmental protection.

We operate worldwide with a “Safety First” approach and have implemented a global health, safety and environment (QHSE) strategy. Our practices adhere to the highest industry standards, often exceeding statutory requirements.

Moisturizer is a must

Towards a sustainable future

Join us on our journey towards a sustainable future as we aim to become the industry leader in the responsible distribution of sustainable chemicals and ingredients.

We take pride in our Platinum status in the EcoVadis sustainability assessment, placing us in the top 1% across all industries assessed for sustainability performance.

We’ve introduced a service in EMEA to provide our business partners with Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) data, alongside other sustainability initiatives. With this information at your disposal, you can be sure that you’ll be making environmentally conscious purchasing decisions.

Protecting the environment is a key priority for us. As part of our business activities, we consume water, electricity and various fuels while generating waste, wastewater and air emissions. As a chemical distributor, we handle products that could potentially harm the environment if handled incorrectly. We strive to protect resources and optimize their use globally, while minimizing the impact that our business activities have on soil, water and air.

We support our customers by providing sustainable solutions and by contributing to environmental preservation through ecologically efficient products, processes and services.

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