Refrigeration Oil

Refrigeration oil

Use of lubricants in systems using natural refrigerants

Changing environmental regulations have resulted in the increasing adoption of natural refrigerants, such as ammonia and carbon dioxide (CO2). This, in turn, has created a need for new lubricants specifically formulated to work with these options.

ExxonMobil has developed an in-depth technical guide that provides insight into the challenges presented by natural refrigerants. The paper also describes how lubricant/refrigerant interactions should be taken into consideration by equipment designers.

Mobil Gargoyle™ Arctic Oil

Mobil Gargoyle ™ Arctic Oil 155, 300, and Mobil Gargoyle ™ Arctic C Heavy products are high-performance naphthenic mineral oils specifically used in refrigeration compressors.

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Mobil Gargoyle Arctic SHC™ 200 Series

Fully synthetic, superior performance lubricants designed specifically for use in refrigeration compressors and heat pumps.

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Mobil EAL Arctic Series

A high-performance Environmental Awareness Lubricant (EAL) specially designed for compressor lubrication and refrigeration systems, using ozone friendly HFC chillers. (HFCs are chlorine-free products that replace chlorine-containing refrigerants in the global market).

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Mobil Zerice S

Refrigeration Compressor Lubricants

Premium quality synthetic refrigeration compressor lubricants based on alkyl benzenes, which due to their nature, have superior miscibility with hydrochlorofluorocarbon (R22). This allows them to be used in very low temperature applications, down to -60°C. In certain circumstances, they can also be used in compressors where ammonia acts as the refrigerating fluid.

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