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Serving all textile markets

With our years of experience in the textile industry, we are the safest, most efficient, and environmentally friendly choice for textile chemical solutions. For manufacturers of textile auxiliaries and technical textiles, we offer a comprehensive range of products and mixing and blending capabilities together with advice on application. Backed by a strong worldwide network, we provide you with quality products and value-added supply chain solutions.

Textile manufacturing

We offer an extensive line of ingredients and chemicals for textile manufacturing and upholstery-cleaning, such as citric acid, sodium hydroxide, and silica. Regardless of your manufacturing needs, Brenntag has a fabric-cleaning solution for a variety of textile markets, including products such as: hydrosulfite, lubricants, pH control, solvents, surfactants.

Our product range also includes acrylic dispersion for a wide variety of coating applications, vinyl acetate and vinyl acetate ethylene dispersions for nonwoven and technical textiles. Fluoropolymers that impart water and oil-repellency to textiles and surfactants as wetting agents. For manufacturers of textile auxiliaries and technical textiles, we offer a comprehensive range of products, together with advice on applications, including:

  • Acrylic dispersions for a wide variety of coating applications
  • Fluoropolymers for making textiles water and oil-repellent
  • Surfactants as wetting agents, as foaming components in coatings, and as emulsifiers
  • Products such as acrylic monomers, biocides, epoxy resins, silanes, PU raw materials, activated carbon, sizing agents, flame retardant, OBA, enzymes, lactic acid, dyestuff, and many more


Wastewater treatment for the textile industry

For your business and the surrounding communities, it is essential that your water treatment operation is running optimally. Water treatment procedures in the textile industry are no small matter. Brenntag carries a range of solutions including corrosion inhibitors, flocculants, and pH treatments specifically designed to neutralize bacteria in water and improve wastewater treatment. These include:

  • Corrosion inhibitors
  • Defoamers
  • Flocculants
  • pH control
  • Polymers

Textile industry

Custom ingredients that fit to your specifications

With more than a century of experience, you can count on us to provide the best textile chemical solutions for your company. This includes the development of custom chemical blends by our in-house team of experts for a cost-effective solution to a challenging manufacturing issue. We can also alter existing product formulations and provide reliable product development guidance whenever you need it.

We focus on building lasting relationships to help you achieve your manufacturing, productivity, and profitability objectives. A dedicated account manager will help guide you through the entire process of purchasing the chemicals used in textile industry applications.

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Safety first - for your supply chain

Our clear understanding of the importance of safety in today’s manufacturing environment means you can trust Brenntag to provide high-quality products that meet the industry’s stringent compliance standards and regulatory requirements. Our account managers and technicians work closely with our distribution network to ensure our supply chain is safe and reliable at every step of the process.

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HI&I aftermarket fabric care

Our expert technicians know the best upholstery-cleaning chemicals and aftermarket fabric care options. We also create custom, cost-effective blended solutions for your products.

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