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Quality Management

We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 zertifiziert (first certification in 1993).

With this certification we are documenting our intern as well as extern focus to our customers.
Defined processes and responsibilities provide for a smooth, safe and environmentally oriented procedure of our activities for you.

Brenntag Duisburg

ESAD at Brenntag in Germany

Starting with assessments according to ESAD in 2003, Brenntag GmbH conducted the assessments successfully. Based on the experiences from the years before, all relevant sites were exposed to the assessments by an experienced, accredited external auditor.

ESAD II (European Single Assessment Document) is a standardized questionnaire, which was developed from the Responsible Care programme. The questions deal with requirements concerning safety, health, environment and quality. ESAD overlaps with the quality management according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and the Responsible Care program of the VCH.

By running the ESAD program, a comparable standard was created to decrease the expenses from supplier- assessments efficiently. Therefore ESAD is compared to quality management programs rather oriented to suppliers than to customers.

For more details about the assessments please see at the internet site of the CEFIC below “Assessed companies”.

Responsible Care at Brenntag Germany

The Responsible Care (RC) programme is an initiative conceived for safety and the environment with a focus on trading activities. In Germany the Association of Chemical Trade and Distribution (Verband Chemiehandel - VCH) initiated the Responsible Care programme in 1997. As chemical distributors we demonstrate that safe and environment-friendly product handling is important to us internally as well as externally at the customer. This begins with receiving goods in warehouses, continues with usage and ending with their disposal.

In contrast with the Quality Management is the Responsible Care initiative not a norm but a policy programme which contains seven main elements: averting of danger, communication with our partners and employees, product responsibility, environment, organisation, safety in occupation and transportation. Executives of companies joining the Responsible Care Initiative acknowledge this policy programme by signing the participation form, and they appoint a Responsible Care representative. Then their current status will be assessed in areas with view to occupational safety and the environment (self-assessment).

Out of this self-assessment targets will be set (3-year-plan) to be up-dated annually, checked by an external engineering company. Every three years an employee of this engineering company will check on location whether the targets have been implemented. In addition, a questionnaire (indices of performance) on certain parameters relating to environment, safety and organisation will be filled in once a year, and the VCH will publish the results of all participating companies as an anonymous summation.

For many years Brenntag has reached a high level in the areas of safety in occupation and transportation. With the Responsible Care Initiative we commit ourselves to continuous improvement and justification every year. Since the beginning of our Responsible Care activities many projects have been realised. Others are included in the current 3-year-plan and are in progress. Responsibility for the environment is not only a lip service but the basis for our actions.

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