CosVivet APG LG50

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Lauryl glucoside


CosVivet APG LG50 is a mild and natural nonionic surfactant produced from glucose and fatty alcohols. It belongs to the alkylpolyglucoside surfactant group and is 100 % biologically degradable. CosVivet APG LG50, which is free of preservatives. It is COSMOS- and halal-certified.


CosVivet APG LG50 can be used as a primary or a co-surfactant. It has unique performance in cleaning, emulsifying and thickening effects and exhibits excellent detergency, wetting and dispersing performance. Furthermore, it shows good compatibility with all other types of surfactants. Synergistic and thickening effects can be found, especially when combined with with CAPB, SLS, SLES, etc. Lauryl glucoside is also a mild alternative to sulfate-based surfactants, e.g. in formulations for sensitive skin.

When used on its own, CosVivet APG LG50 is not a good foaming agent. As a co-surfactant however, it can improve the foaming effect of a formulation.

CosVivet APG LG50 can be widely used in personal care products such as shampoos, hand sanitizers, facial cleansers, shower gels. It also can be used in transparent formulations such as clear soaps and in mild products, e.g. for baby care.

As there is no need to rinse lauryl glucoside, it is especially suitable for non-rinse formulations such as hair care and hair gel products.

Solid content50-53 %
Viscosity at 40°C2000-4000 mPa.s
AppearanceLight yellow turbid liquid/paste
pH (25°C, 10% aq. sol.)11.5-12.5


IBC´s and drums


Stable for 24 months in original packaging when stored at room temperature. Storage at high temperature (> 45°C) for a longer time may result in a darker product color. At low temperatures, the product may appear solidified. This has no effect on its performance. It should then be heated lightly and mixed before use.


The following data is available on request:

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