Welcome to Brenntag!

Welcome to Brenntag – nice to meet you! We may not know you yet, but we understand that your wishes and demands on your employer and your job are as individual as you are. We would therefore like to invite you to get to know Brenntag and see how your individuality matches our variety.

„Our employees with their know-how, expertise and motivation are the cornerstone of our companies success.”

Volker Hammelmann, Head of Human Resources DACH, Brenntag GmbH

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Learn more about what is truly special about Brenntag’s working culture. Learn more about the variety and options we offer.

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“ConnectingChemistry”, our company slogan, reflects Brenntag’s day-to-day business and emphasize Brenntag’s center position in the value chain. Our employees are drawing the picture the world has of Brenntag. And who could tell the story of Brenntag better than they themselves can?

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	Jens Ettwig

Jens Ettwig Brenntag GmbH HR Specialist +49 201 6496 1326

	Angelika Rester

Angelika Rester Brenntag GmbH HR Specialist +49 201 6496 1665

	Marija Scholz

Marija Scholz Brenntag GmbH HR Specialist +49 201 6496 1910

	Tim Hefendehl

Tim Hefendehl Brenntag GmbH HR Specialist +49 201 6496 1849