Christian Kohlpaintner, CEO Brenntag
Standing together during the Covid-19 pandemic

The health, wellness and safety of our employees, customers and communities is our top priority

Dear Business Partners,

The world is facing an unprecedented pandemic which poses a historic challenge for each of us as well as the society as whole. By now, the impacts related to the corona virus affect no longer only our professional but also our private lives.

We know that this is a special situation, in which we are forced to adapt rapidly to new circumstances. And we can understand very well that the current situation causes uncertainty in some of you.

Brenntag’s first priority is the safety and well-being of employees, our business partners and all its stakeholders. To this end, Brenntag has instigated crisis management teams in all regions to lead the response to the developing and unpredictable situation.

Measures include but are not limited to all WHO and country specific guidelines and relevant procedures from local authorities.

In order to reduce the risk of contamination and spread of the virus, as well as to provide continuity of the company’s and our partners’ activities, Brenntag specifically has developed and implemented a plan to ensure continuity of operations, which includes:

  • Identifying critical functions to minimize service interruptions.
  • Rapidly communicating best practice learnings around the globe.
  • Implementing our back-up logistics and redundant warehousing processes.
  • Adjusting inventories in response to surge demand.
  • Maintaining active and ongoing communications with our supplier partners
  • Monitoring the government guidelines, recommendations of sanitary and WHO services, as well as the market situation.
  • Introduced possibility of remote work.
  • Equipping our locations with disinfectants and additional safety measures related to the corona virus.

Inbound and outbound product shipments will continue at our sites and will be safely coordinated and managed by our local on-site teams

We take our responsibility as part of the supply chain seriously and are dedicated to servicing you while looking out for the safety of our dedicated employees, our customers’ employees, and the communities in which we operate. Please be ensured that if a risk of deliveries disruption is identified, we will immediately contact you in order to discuss possible solutions.

In case you have not used our Brenntag Connect e-commerce platform yet, this might be something you want to consider to make your work easier. Just ask your known Brenntag contact to find out more.

Your Brenntag contacts will be available to discuss both your normal, as well as special requirements. Be assured that Brenntag is very well positioned.

Thank you for your trust in our ability to respond to your requirements during this time.

We are confident that the pandemic can be brought under control so that life can return to normal as soon as possible. Together we will overcome this crisis!

Please be considerate and take care of yourselves, your co-workers, families and friends!

Yours sincerely,

Christian Kohlpaintner

CEO, Brenntag Group