Discover our range of CO₂-compensated GTL products

Specialty solvents

Shell’s GTL Fluids & Solvents are a series ofhigh-purity paraffinic materials, prepared through novel gas-to-liquid technology.

This process creates unique products with a very low level of molecular branching, which imparts enhanced performance in several key areas:

Readily biodegradable

  • The low branching structure allows the products to break down more easily in nature.
  • This means the products fully meet the criteria for readily biodegradable classification.

High purity

  • Derived from purified natural gas, less unwanted material is present in the raw material.
  • This results in products with very high purity and extremely low levels of sulphur and aromatics.
  • By carefully controlling distillation conditions, products have very low odour.

Ultra-low viscosity

  • The unique low-level branching created during the GTL process has a substantial effect on product viscosity.
  • This means the GTL types are the lowest viscosity products of their kind available.
  • This property gives unparalleled performance in spreading and wetting.

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Brenntag's Step4Change promise

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For every ton of GTL you buy, we compensate for 2 tons of CO₂ emissions. This means that the CO₂ emissions that occur due to:

  • production and refinery;
  • warehouse operations and packaging;
  • delivery to customer’s door (up to 2000km), which equal 2mt, will be offset, so that you are buying a CO₂ compensated product: Step4Change.

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Main benefits of Brenntag's Step4Change for you

Proven Performance

  • High-purity grades with a consistent chemical make-up;
  • Lowest viscosities available for products of this type, providing superior wetting and spreading abilities, together with low foaming potential;
  • High auto-ignition temperatures and high oxidation stability.

Improved environmental and health profile

  • Readily biodegradable under the OECD 301 test criteria and reduced ozone potential;
  • Low phytotoxicity and non-ecotoxic to pollinating insects and aquatic species;
  • Very low odour and low toxicity, meaning longer work times and greater worker comfort.

Guaranteed CO₂ compensation

  • Step4Change guarantees the compensation of product-related CO₂ emissions from well to door;
  • A way to limit global warming through controlled mitigation program and secure the future;
  • Fully audited projects, all around the globe.