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Transportable and ready-to-use chlorine dioxide solution

Unlike conventional chlorine dioxide concepts, Clorious2 is the only high-concentration, ready-to-use chlorine dioxide solution that is both stable and transportable. Safe, pure, and easy to use, Clorious2 can be used in virtually every application where clean and safe water is required. Its oxidizing power is immediately effective upon application and since it is so long lasting, it is a sustainable way to prevent the regrowth of microorganisms and biofilm in your water system.

The advantages of clorious2:

  • Effective control of biofilm in process water systems
  • Improves overall process water hygiene
  • Leaves no taint, odor, or residue on end products
  • Operates effectively across a wide range of the pH spectrum – acid to alkali
  • Effective as a biocide, virucide, fungicide, and sporicide
  • Low corrosion properties
  • Transportable, ready-to-use chlorine dioxide solution – no on-site chemical mixing, no generator, no activation period
  • Long-term stability
  • Safe to use
  • Easy to apply with chemical dosing pump

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Clorious2 applications

Traditionally, chlorine dioxide must be generated on site - mixed unsafely by hand or requiring expensive, complex dosing systems.

With Clorious2, Brenntag offers a safe, simple, and easy-to-use chlorine dioxide that is supplied ready to use, without decanting or additional handling.

Clorious2 is available in the following variants:

Clorious Air

As a selective oxidizing agent, Clorious2 Air can be used to control odor in sewer systems, process water and air scrubbers.

Clorious Guard

A powerful disinfectant, oxidizing agent and slimicide ready to tackle your biggest challenges in industrial cooling and process water treatment.

Clorious fresh

Green disinfectant and cleaning in place (CIP) for excellent microbial control in food and beverage processing, packaging, and filling operations.

Clorious care

Fast-acting disinfectant and oxidizing agent for the treatment of water intended for human and animal consumption.

Clorious clean

Versatile chlorine dioxide solution for a wide variety of general disinfection applications.

Cleaning construction sites

Clorious2 is dosed directly from the barrel, which has incorporated an exposure free dry-coupling and via a dosing pump into the water system. (Information on dosing systems are available on request.)

It is fully approved for drinking water and for use in the production of organic products.

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