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Chemicals and services for the agricultural industry

At Brenntag, we share your desire to sensitively develop innovative products and solutions to protect crops and ensure nutrition.

Our agriculture team is committed to providing the necessary agriculture chemicals and raw materials to produce safe, sustainable foods for growing populations.

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The right ingredients for your agricultural needs

The most commonly used chemicals in the agriculture industry are pesticides and fertilizers. As a distributor of agriculture chemicals and raw materials, we provide you with global access to a comprehensive range of specialty ingredients and world-class manufacturers.

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We provide agriculture chemicals to four main market segments:

Crop protection and adjuvants

Keeping your crops safe and healthy for harvest is the highest priority for every industrial farmer. Let Brenntag help you maintain your cultivation of crops with dependable, chemical solutions to safeguard against pests and plant diseases.

Nitrogen management and phosphate enhancement

Nitrogen management and the process of volatilization is an important aspect of industrial farming. Brenntag is continually researching the best solutions and products to improve nitrogen management and phosphate enhancement for a greener tomorrow.

Plant nutrition

Brenntag understands that plant nutrition is essential in the process of growing fruits, vegetables, grains, and nuts. By offering safe and reliable chemicals to protect and nourish plants during growth, Brenntag helps farmers produce healthier plants and crops.

Soil health and microbials

Farming and agriculture work requires healthy soil. Brenntag's expertise in microbes, soil fertilizers, and phosphate will help you unlock your soil's potential and deliver valuable nutrients to your crops.

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Research and development

Brenntag fosters innovation and efficiency in the crop nutrition industry, providing technologies and solutions capable of responding to emerging needs and developing projects aimed at strengthening competitiveness through the best scientific methodologies and logistical strategies.

With policies of investing in technological and scientific development, we seek to take decisive actions on some issues of strategic interest and to increase the effective cooperation between private companies, universities, research institutes, customers and producers, contributing to the growth of all in a chain of agile business with global reach.

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Quality and certifications

The production of Brenntag fertilizers follows an international integrated CASA® system for quality, safety and environmental management, in compliance with ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO18001 and OHSAS18001 standards, ensuring high quality and safety standards for its products.

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Own brands, laboratories and nutrition products for crops

Our Agricultural division offers a modern system for developing specific liquid formulations for each customer. Our laboratories are dedicated to the development of tailor-made solutions and water-soluble formulations. These formulations ensuresafety and practicality for farmers, increasing the operational yield in the field and reducing errors or failures in conventional fertilization.

We develop formulas for applications such as foliar application, fertigation, hydroponics, seed treatment, and soil conditioners, combining mineral nutrients with additives, complexing or chelating agents, resulting in better performance in the field.

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