Quality & Certifications

Brenntag Slovakia is a leading distributor of standard chemicals, lubricants, rubbers, polymers, rubber as well as chemicals destined for the construction industry, cosmetics, food, household chemicals, water treatment and pharmaceutical industry in Slovakia. Achieving and maintaining this position is not possible without a well-functioning quality management system.

Issued certificates confirming that quality management systems are implemented in relevant areas, documented, maintained, and used in accordance with the requirements of the standards.

The aim of the certification is to confirm to our customers and business partners that the company Brenntag Slovakia achieves a high level of quality management and control.

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Quality control


Inherent part in the distribution of goods is also ensuring their quality. For this reason, in Brenntag Slovakia (Pezinok) the laboratory for quality control was built. It is based on individual analyzes / measurements of basic parameters.
These include:

  • Density (Anton Paar densimeter D48)
  • Refractive index (refractometer ATAGO RX - 7000a)
  • Color (LOVIBOND daylight Comparator 2000+)
  • Water content (Karl Fischer Titrator V30)
  • Content of major component:
    - GAS chromatography for solvents (Agilent 7890 chromatograph)
    - Manual titrator of acid, bases and active chlorine

In general, quality control includes chemical analysis on entry, mainly liquid chemicals.

Entry Control and its processes:

  • Sampling from the tank before unloading
  • Control of product with avaliable chemical analyzes
  • Comparing the results of analysis with supplied certificate of analysis of the product
  • Comparing the results / certificate with the applicable standards / specification
  • Evaluation of product quality

High quality guaranteed

ISO 9001:2008

Brenntag Slovakia is a company operating in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 quality certificate, that guarantees highest standards of customer relations, products transportation and warehousing.

Moreover, in order to raise the quality of services, we are constantly developing and modernizing logistics and technical infrastructure of the company by means of cautious investments in all key spheres of its functioning


SQAS stands for Safety and Quality Assessment System and aims to evaluate the quality, safety, security and environmental performance of Logistics Service Providers and Chemicals Distributors in a uniform manner by single standardised assessments carried out by independent assessors.

ESAD is a module of the Safety and Quality Assessment System, which is addressed to chemical company customers - the chemical distributors. This module provides chemical companies a possibility of objective evaluation of safety and quality management systems within distributor companys that they cooperate with.

Brenntag Slovakia is re-evaluated in Pezinok since 2007 and in the Slovenská Ľupča since 2012.

Responsible Care

It represents business ethics in the chemical industry. Responsible Care is a global commitment of the chemical industry aimed at aligning business operations with increasingly demanding as regards safety, paralyzed health and the environment.

Brenntag Slovakia are participating in this voluntary program since 2010. The certificate issued by the Association of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry and the right to use the Responsible Care logo are valid for three years.