Animal Nutrition

Brenntag Animal Nutrition understands the complexities of the animal feed chain and its importance in guaranteeing society’s health and well-being. To ensure our customers and suppliers meet these high expectations, Brenntag Animal Nutrition offers a comprehensive line-up of products and services and an experienced team of experts and technicians. We are the only Latin American distributor to offer a complete animal nutrition product portfolio. Our technicians and experts use state-of-the-art technology to devise customized, tailor-made solutions. And we always provide products and services that are safe, secure and of a consistently high quality, such as:

  • Single Ingredients & Blends
  • Organic Acids
  • Macrominerals
  • Trace Elements
  • Vitamins & Amino Acids

Enjoying the advantages of working with a proven industry leader

We have a strong presence in every Latin American market; our technicians and sales representatives will leverage our entire global supply-chain to find the best possible solution to your requests. A local Key Account Manager who intimately understands your business and the dynamics of your home market will be your personal gateway to the wider Brenntag organization and its portfolio offerings. That way you benefit from short response times, a high degree of local expertise and the advantages that come from working with a proven industry leader.

Equipping you with extensive industry and technical expertise

Brenntag Animal Nutrition informs customers on the latest innovations and market trends. Our experts and technicians make on-site visits to ensure that clients get the most out of their Brenntag experience, regardless of the product or application, from animal feed and pet food to questions over raw materials. Safety is of paramount importance in everything we do and we will guide you through all of the industry’s technical and regulatory hurdles. We inform clients of potential developments in legislation and verify that we only source products from safe, reliable partners.


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