Welcome to Brenntag!

Welcome to Brenntag – nice to meet you! We may not know you yet, but we understand that your wishes and demands on your employer and your job are as individual as you are. We would therefore like to invite you to get to know Brenntag and see how your individuality matches our variety.

„Variety is an integral part of Brenntag – we embrace a great richness, as it gives us strength and makes our business thrive even more. Brenntag’s variety brings our people’s talents to shine – and vice versa.”

Marion Mestrom, Chief Human Resources Officer, Brenntag Group


“ConnectingChemistry”, our company slogan, reflects Brenntag’s day-to-day business and emphasize Brenntag’s center position in the value chain. Our employees are drawing the picture the world has of Brenntag. And who could tell the story of Brenntag better than they themselves can?

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Why Brenntag?

We provide our employees, as well as currently working as those about to start their careers, with great working conditions as well as a competitive compensation and additional benefits. Our goal is to create an environment where everyone can turn their passion into their job, where they can realize their full potential and enjoy their work.

Equally to work conditions we care about the future of our employees. Occupational Pension Scheme launched in our company ensures wellbeing not only while working for Brenntag but also ater retirement.

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