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Brenntag Spa is leader in the distribution of chemical products for water treatment of your pool.

The micro-organisms, if continuously introduced into the pool without being destroyed, can become harmful to people's health. Due to their organic nature, they are normally introduced into the pool by bathers, and in proportion to their number and / or turnout. Water disinfection is therefore essential to reduce and / or eliminate the level of micro-organisms.

The safest disinfection treatment and most beneficial to the waters of the pool, is made ​with the products of the family of chlorine-isocyanurate available in granular form and in tabs of various size.

We can offer a complete range of products for swimming pool that can meet every need for maintaining proper water pools while respecting the environment.

Our Dichloro-isocyanurate is always WHITE and not yellowish, grayish, greenish or off-white, and always keeps the same point of WHITE. It has a level of impurities so low that it will not give any problem of excessive occurrence of chloramines, or opaque green water typical of the excessive aggregates that are present in many dichloro products. We provide a regular microbead, without plasticizers, easily soluble but with a "strength" that prevents them from being crushed inside the packs due to the overlying weight and therefore avoids the effect of "dusting".

Regarding Trichloro tabs, we guarantee the absolute lack of stearates and / or thickeners such as adipates and adhesives for the pads themselves. Our tabs are produced exclusively with granular Trichloro by pressure that aggregates the granules. We can certify absolute lack of adhesives.

All of our packages are approved in accordance with current EU regulations for transport and storage, in accordance with European quality standards and give assurances of solidity.

Our Chlorine Based products are also available with Registration at the Ministry of Health.

Chlorates products

Dichloro 56% - Trichloro granular - Trichloro tablets from 20-200-500 gr - Bromo-chloro - Tablets polifunctions from 200-500 gr. - Calcium hypochlorite granular - Calcium hypochlorite tablets from 20-200 gr - Flocculant pads 25-100 gr

Formulated product and complementary products

Foaming and non-foaming algaecide - Winter treatment - Gear of PH in powder and liquid form - Innalzatori of PH in powder and liquid form - Gear chlorine - Sequestering heavy metals - Degreasers board walls - Flocculants liquid and powder - Sanitizing Sanitizing - descaling sanitizing - descaling board walls - descaling filters - oxygen granular - quartzite - diatoms - peracetic acid - pool tester and spare parts DPD.

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