Sustainable Solutions

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Sustainable products are one of the top sustainability trends and consumers are embracing, adopting a more sustainable lifestyle. The increased demand for alternative packaging demonstrates a clear consumer preference for more environmentally friendly products. Renewable energy and practicing recycling are top of mind for consumers in emerging Asia.

One of key trends is green environment, which is reducing plastic waste, using products made from recycled materials and implementing more reusable products.

Packaging plays a critical role in safely distributing products throughout today's society and supply chain and it also represents a significant cost in the current supply system. Reusable packaging helps to reduce significant environmental impacts, deliver convenience and save cost.

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Reusable and Refillable Packaging in Brenntag Thailand

In Brenntag Thailand, refrigeration business are distributed in two types of packagings. The first is recycle or returnable cylinders and drums, second is disposable cylinder. We always support our OEM customers and manufacturers to collect and return empty cylinders or drums for refilling, whereas we serve disposable containers for long-distance customers. We suggest our customers to use returnable cylinders instead of disposable cylinders when their demand increases, as well as Bulk road tanker delivery bulk chemicals to customer site instead of packaging plastic drum container when customer demand volume up.

As for returnable and reusable packaging, even though it has a higher investment cost, we recognize in long term to these sustainabilities:

  • Reduces waste
  • Saves the environment
  • Reduces logistic transportation and operation cost
  • Optimizes processes

"This is a successful project and we expect to increase our volume of blending from different grades of bio marine gas oil"
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Biofuels in Singapore – the way for greener shipping

The marine engines of ships and vessels burn tones of low-grade fuel oil every day for sailing. In some of the heavy fuel oil in regulated areas known as Emission Control Areas, they need to replace the use of low-grade fuels with Marine Gas Oil Fuel as clean fuel. The use of Bio Marine Gas oil (biofuels or biofuel blends) will help on the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the ships and vessels.

Brenntag Singapore supported our customers who sails bulk carrier from Singapore to South Africa based on biofuel made from waste cooking oil, as a trial.

We provided the blending solution to blend the fresh bio marine gas oil with recycled oil and also supported with our logistic solution to deliver the bio marine gas oil to port and transferred it to the vessel.